Monday, May 12, 2008


Judith Hollier from Melbourne wrote:-

"At the Paris Conciergerie where French Revolution prisoners were held we found the name Claude Hollier, Vicar; in the list of 2780 people who died at the guillotine. Apparently where was more about him in the Arc de Triomphe museum but we didn't have time to visit."

Glynis Pike also alerted me to this vicar in 2004:-

"My husband and I went to Paris 11 years ago and in a room above the Arc de Triomphe saw a memorial to the Royal Family of France and their close friends who were executed in the French revolution amongst them was a man called Claude Hollier (vicar) in the late 18th centurary it would be interesting to find out about his life."

I wonder what his crime was? Or was he just too friendly with the Royal Family?