Saturday, January 27, 2007

Bits and Pieces

A few postings to catch up on after my absence abroad. Gavin Hollyer (from the Kent Hollyers) gave me an update of recent additions to their branch of the family, who descend from Ralph Bartholomew Hollyer (1915-1996).

David Gibbard wrote from Ontario about his ancester Ann Hollier who was born at Aynho, NTH in 1816. This caused me to review and recheck my Aynho data and I uncovered several anomalies that need sorting out. Ann Hollier's picture is shown here.

Today, I received the Will & Probate for Walter Holyer from 1896 (which I acquired via eBay) - he was the last male Holyer in Woodchurch. Also, from another Guild member, I received three draft conveyances relating to Charles Holyer and his pub at Ramsgate (The Harp).


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